Mission Statement

David Rivkin Headshot“The majority of Americans describe themselves as conservative politically. They believe in the principles of political and economic freedom, and want to enjoy the fruits of their own labor. They believe in accountability from leadership and government, and from themselves. People who believe in the value of work and innovation, and who are accountable to their family and employer, are the core of this great country’s strength.” David Rivkin holds the beliefs and values of country, and his mission is to protect them.

Today, the extreme political and social elements have seized media attention and consumers are being fed a continuous stream of news with only marginal significance. Controversies and sensationalism attract viewers: by the time we have grown weary of one controversy, another one is served up to garner attention. These controversies serve to distract us from the real issues facing our country: the continued erosion of economic and political freedoms. If you are more concerned about the latest celebrity’s personal relationships than whether your congressional representative has even read the legislation upon which s/he has voted, you are at risk for being unaware of important changes in government.

The unmet need that David Rivkin strives to fulfill is to base viewpoints and recommendations on the constitution and the law, for that is what protects us from tyranny. Instead of a values-only discussion, David Rivkin will provide objectivity and reason. But don’t expect David Rivkin to be free of emotion: David Rivkin is passionate about his country, his freedom, and his purpose.

As a dedicated appellate attorney, political commentator, and frequent contributor to The Wall Street Journal, David Rivkin has been on the forefront on key constitutional law cases and has helped shaped legal thought and American policy for more than 20 years. Mr. Rivkin is an enthusiastic speaker and debater that will provide your organization a memorable event. Mr. Rivkin is currently booking 2015 engagements now. Engage with David Rivkin today.


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