David Rivkin dissects Supreme Court case on gay marriage: Bill Bennett’s Morning in America (Day 2)

Will the Supreme Court rule that the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional? Bill Bennett’s Morning in America: Constitutional attorney David Rivkin provides an in-depth analysis of the Supreme Court second case on gay marriage. 1,100 federal statutes use the term “marriage” without defining it. At the time the laws were passed, marriage was assumed to mean “between a man and a woman.” Nine states permit unions between members of the same sex. The federal government has an interest in uniformity. Simultaneously, under the principle of federalism, the federal government should not overstep the police powers of the states. The Bennett-Rivkin discussion explains the issues in this case about the Defense of Marriage Act.


David Rivkin analyzes first Supreme Court gay marriage case on Bill Bennett’s Morning in America

Did Supreme Court liberal justices disappoint gay marriage advocates? Constitutional attorney David Rivkin and Morning in America host Bill Bennett provide a cogent discussion about Day 1 of the Supreme Court arguments on gay marriage– specifically about California’s Proposition 8 which was struck down by the California Supreme Court. David Rivkin provides an in-depth analysis of key arguments. Justice Sotomayor’s question about limits on the definition of marriage goes to the heart of the problem.